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Customized 1 to 1 Private Makeup and Hairstyling Course


This Customized 1-to-1 Private Makeup and hairstyling Course is suitable for makeup artists with prior training and experience to allow them to learn the latest styles and trends to upgrade their skills and also target to improve their weaknesses. 

Course Outline :

Day 1: Demo 2-3 hairstyles on mannequin and hands-on practice by students. 


Day 2: Demo 2 Makeup style on model and 1 hairstyle.

The student has to bring a model to practice both makeup and hairstyle.

Photos of hairstyles are for illustration purposes only. Students can choose the hairstyles that they wish to learn.


Course Duration: Full Time Only: 4 days (9:30 am to 5 pm, inclusive of an hour lunch break)


Course Fees:

One day $800 (Minimum booking for 2 days) 

Can book up to 5 days depending on your level.


Course Commencement Date:

Monthly intake.

Kindly contact Elaine for enrollment.

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