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4 days advanced airbrush makeup and hairstyling course


4 days advanced makeup and hairstyle course


This Advanced Makeup & Hairstyling Course is suitable for makeup artists with prior training and experience to allow them to learn the latest styles and trends to upgrade their skills.


1 day makeup lesson + 3 days hairstyling lessons


Course Outline :


Day 1: Demonstrate signature bridal makeup and single eyelid adjustment (Students need to bring model for hands on practice)


Day 2: Learn two different popular curls create by flat iron and 3 bridal hairstyle demonstations


Day 3: 5 X Bridal hairstyle demonstrations


Day 4: 5 X Bridal hairstyle demonstrations



Photos of hairstyles are for illustration purposes only. Students can choose the hairstyles which they wish to learn.


Course Duration: Full Time Only: 4 days (11:00am to 6pm, inclusive of an hour lunch break)


Course Fees:



Course Commencement Date:

Monthly intake.

Kindly contact Mrs Fish Bridal for course commencement dates.

Take complete course (combination of professional bridal makeup & hairstyle course and 4 days advance course at promotional rate S$3,500, SAVE S$200)

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