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Founded only in year 2012 by Elaine Ting, Mrs. Fish Bridal Makeup & Hair has grown in leaps and bounds within this short span of time. Blessed with unbounded passion and bold creativity, Elaine has earned herself much popularity and rave credentials among her clients and photographers whom she has worked with.


In 2014, Elaine set up her very own studio, providing first-class makeup, hairstyling and semi-permanent makeup services. The studio also doubles up as a training academy to provide the highest standard of learning opportunities to nurture aspiring makeup artists.


In 2019, Mrs Fish Bridal launched local skincare brand - L'eaine Skincare. A skincare line specially curated for Asian Skin, they are also formulated and made locally. Asian tends to have combination skin and some even suffers from sensitive skin issues. Likewise, Elaine started the skincare line wanting to assist her clients to achieve better skin. She noticed that while doing make-up for her clients, nothing beats a good foundation (skin) to start with. Hence, the establishment of L’eaine Skincare in 2019. L’eaine skincare started with these 3 basic skincare sets. They are Hydration series, Oil-control series and Combination series. They are suitable for sensitive skin and also safe and gentle for use after treatments. So far, many customers have tried and have return to purchase more and even introduced their friends and family members. You may also read about their reviews in thier Facebook page here.

Mrs. Fish Bridal promises to continue to provide clients with excellent services with the best products and skills.



经营理念 about us



一 直广受欢迎的个人彩妆课程中,观察中发现多数人不会画眉。眼见市场纹绣人才短缺,于是远赴国外学习最顶尖的纹绣技术,产品与技术必须做完美结缺一不可。也 希望非永久性纹绣,可以让每个顾客即使素颜都更自信。 除此之外,也保证纹绣产品的安全和品质。 所用的纹绣色乳,保证不变色、保证不暈染、保证安全,皆通过国际标准之安全检验。並经过5年以上临床试验,是最优质的纹绣产品。色泽稳定、持久性高、留色 率高。


2014 年,成立全国第一家综合新娘整体造型团队/学苑和非永久性纹绣服务。 为了造福更多爱美的女性, 我們一定要坚持使用最好的产品和技术, 给予最好的服务这就是我们的使命与责任。 也为了更多梦想成为出色化妆师的你们, 承诺把最受欢迎,最新彩妆和发艺技术一直传承下去。



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