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Eyebrow Embroidery Course



Misty eyebrow embroidery is a semi permanent makeup that last 1 to 2 years while giving your eyebrow a natural look without using eyebrow pencil. It is suitable especially for those who have very thin original eyebrow. This is a new embroidery technique that does not cause pain.


This course is designed for individual who are interested in perfecting the art of brow and suitable for beginners. Misty eyebrow Embroidery is an advanced class designed for those who have a passion for micro pigmentation and want to expand their skills and talents. Having reached the required standard of the course you will be presented with your certificate from Mrs. Fish Bridal.



Course Outline:


Students will learn about the perfect designs for the eyebrow, color understanding, and techniques for eyebrow embroidery. Practice on artificial skin and bring a volunteer model for hands-on practice.

Day 1

•    Health & Safety
•    Consultation
•    Face shapes
•    Brow shapes
•    Concept of embroidery
•    Technique of misty eyebrow

•    Practice artificial skin/ paper
•    Eyebrow designs

Day 2 

Bring model for practice with the guidance of a trainer. 


Course fees: SGD$1,500 including 2 pigmentation colors, embroidery tools, fake skin for practice. 

Course Duration: 1.5 days

Course Commencement Date:

Whatsapp +6587634931 for course commencement dates.






Become a qualify Brow Artist

Learn the art of creating beautiful eyes and brows with our Brow Design course. This course has been designed to meet the beauty industry demand. Hands on practice on the paper and artificial skin during first day class. Upon passed the artificial skin practice then can arrange model for practice and certificate awarded upon completion of course. 

Below are some of our students' work.

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