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Bridal Makeup & Hair Revolution

In case you scroll down to see and wonder why some of the works are outdated.... no no no... because there were the most trendy style during that time. Elaine is the one who did the most bridal makeup and hair portfolios in Singapore Since 2014 till present. From vintage, elegant, sweet, romantic, wild, western freestyle. 

Let me brief you a bit about the bridal trend history. When I just started my makeup career, the most popular bridal style was Taiwan style, and later on, Hong Kong Style. The trend is changed rapidly every year in Singapore. Then later on Korean style, Japan Style, China Style, Western style, Russian Style (during Covid, so I didn't do Russian style in my portfolio)... and now Thai style. If you want Thai Style, no problem... 

Often, they are brides or customers asked what is your style. I do not have a specific style. Really depend on what style you want, then I do it according to your preference and also will see whether the style suit you. 

Lastly, don't follow the trend.... just do what suit you best and what you like most. 

Who knows.... next year trend Indian style or Vietnam style. Or maybe Elaine's style... 

Bear in mind, Elaine can do any style... :P

Below are just some of my hair and makeup works from 2014 to the present. 

Fashion Makeup and Hair

If you see me in person, you might think this person got no fashion sense... But I really love to do fashion makeup and hair... Do things out of the box and creativity with no boundaries. 


I swear if yo

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